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World Mission Society Church of God Hosts Blood Drive

By Treavor Sellnow
Community Writer
2016-04-27 at 14:00:17
On Sunday, April 10, The World Mission Society Church of God held its annual “Give Life through the Love of Passover” blood drive at its church in Colton. About 70 members from the Church of God gathered from 10 a.m. at the Church located off of South Mount Vernon Ave along with staff from LifeStream. From that time on workers from LifeStream worked without rest getting all the donors registered and drawing their blood. According to LifeStream statistics, about 1 in 7 people will need a blood transfusion in their lifetime. Heart surgery patients need up to 5 units of red blood cells, transplant recipients need up to 20 units of blood and a trauma victim could require up to 50 units. So it is not too much to say that blood donation is always in demand. With this in mind members of the Church of God decided to do their part in saving lives. This is the 602nd blood drive that the Church has carried out worldwide. Factoring in that each blood donation can save up to three lives, the Church of God has potentially saved tens to hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide at this point. “And were not stopping here,” says Arnulfo Sanchez, a member of the Church of God. “Our blood drive was just one of many taking place worldwide at other branches of the Church of God. It’s not only here in the Inland Empire that people may need clean blood, but throughout the whole world. In the event of an emergency that you may need blood, it is unlikely that you will know who is behind the donation, if you even think about it at all. But when you recover and can laugh again with your loved ones, I’m sure that you’ll be extremely thankful to the unknown donor who took the time to give their blood.” The Church of God hosted the event in commemoration of the Passover festival in which Jesus Christ gave his blood for the life of mankind. The Church held a ceremony to commemorate this festival on March 22nd and will be hosting the 2nd Passover on April 21st for any of those who were unable to celebrate it in March. The Church of God invites anyone who is interested in any future events to stop by their church for more information. The Church is located just off of the Washington/ Mount Vernon exit going north on the I-215.

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