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Cesar Chavez Day

By Ulises Cabrera
Moreno Valley Mayor
03/26/2024 at 12:08 PM

On Sunday, March 31, we celebrate Cesar Chavez Day here in Moreno Valley and throughout California. This holiday honors a man whose legacy transcends borders, cultures, and generations. His message of unity, equality and empowerment has always been very meaningful to me, my family, and so many other Moreno Valley residents.


A migrant farm worker from the age of 10, Chavez became active with the Community Service Organization, which helped fight racial and economic discrimination against Chicano residents. Later, as an adult, he co-founded the National Farm Workers Association in the early 1960s. He focused attention on the plight of migrant farm workers and gained support to have his organization be the first successful farm workers' union in the United States. 


Cesar Chavez was not just a leader; he was a beacon of hope and justice for farmworkers across our nation. His commitment to nonviolent activism reminds us of the power of peaceful resistance in the face of adversity, and his tireless dedication to social change and workers' rights continues to inspire us all.


I encourage everyone in Moreno Valley and beyond to strive for a more just and equitable society. As individuals and as a community, we have the power to make a difference, no matter how daunting the challenge may seem. 


Moreno Valley is always better when we work together!