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The "M" Landmark Improvement Project Team Puts in Hard Work for their City

By James C Baker
Community Writer
2015-06-29 at 10:27:57
The "M" Landmark Improvement Project (M-LIP) team was at it again last weekend, clearing and blowing off the "M" right before the Independence Day holiday. There are going to be a lot of eyes on Moreno Valley because of the City's 4th of July Parade and Family Fun Fest, and we wanted our famous "City Backdrop" cleaned and pretty. The team, led by James Baker, drove up on Saturday, June 20, and completed the job in about three hours, fighting the heat and the thin air at over a 3,000-foot elevation. However, the team was determined and got the job done. We were excited and surprised to be joined by our own Moreno Valley Mayor, Jesse Molina, who came up and worked like a champ. This is a Community Project and is supported and worked by Volunteers. No City Funds are ever used to get this done. Just the Moreno Valley residents who love their City and show it with there actions. The M-Lip team included Moreno Valley Parks & Recreation Commissioner James C. Baker II, Vice-Chair Bill Alvarez, Moreno Valley Mayor Jesse Molina, residents Chris Baca, Dwayne Lewis, Paul Zubuewich, Santiago, and Marco Rosales. We also want to thank Laura Rodriguez Banks for taking photos and Diane Thompson for giving us water and keeping us hydrated. Happy Independence Day from the M-LIP Team.
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