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Park and Recreation Month

By Ulises Cabrera
City of Moreno Valley Mayor
07/09/2024 at 10:55 AM

It’s time once again to celebrate our parks, trails, and community services here in Moreno Valley!  


July is National Park and Recreation Month, and this year’s theme of “Where You Belong” is very fitting.


Whether you are a competitive athlete, an active octogenarian, or a child looking to make the most of the summer break, our many parks and facilities are definitely a place where you can come to exercise, be social, or just enjoy the outdoors.


Each one of our many parks has something unique that makes it the perfect place to spend a Moreno Valley day—from the water features at Celebration and Bethune Parks to the skate parks at Community Park and Valley Park. 


I also wanted to acknowledge the incredible work that our Parks and Community Services team does behind the scenes to maintain our beautiful parks. And this year, it’s particularly exciting to see so many of them get rehabilitated and refurbished to make them even better for our community.


This month, I encourage you to spend a few minutes, a few hours, or an entire day at one of our parks or trails. Also, make sure to check the Soaring Guide for all the exciting programs and services that make Moreno Valley a great place to live.


Happy Park & Recreation Month, Moreno Valley!