Community Services


We bring you quality, trustworthy, timely, and focused community news.

Events Calendar

Seeking, maintaining, and encouraging participation in a community message board, listing upcoming events and happenings provides the community with an organized venue in which to become active within the community.


Providing a place where community members can thank, question, or challenge their surroundings, partnered with the FREE option of announcing a birth, birthday, anniversary, or accomplishment offers a sincere platform in which to bring the community together.

Community Voices

Offering locals the opportunity to voice their opinions in under 300 words, known as a Voice of the People, ensures everyone has the option to contribute and everyone's views, ideas, and submissions are heard.

Community Advertising

In addition to our option of free advertising in the calendar section, we offer residents effective and affordable classified advertising. Call us today to find out how you can get free classified ads!


We at City News know what it is like to loose a loved one, and it means a lot to us that your loved ones are remembered for all they have done throughout their lives. Let us help you honor their life.

Business Services

Fictitious Business Name(FBN/DBA) Filings & Publications.

Businesses are required by the County of San Bernardino to file and publish their FBN once every 5 years. We understand in the everyday hustle and bustle, this can fall to the wayside, but let us pick up the slack. We will take your FBN to the county, file it, and publish it for you. After filing, we mail you the FBN forms, and at the conclusion of publishing, we email you the proof of publication. Email or fax us your FBN today!


Offering effective and graphically-appealing advertisements which continually introduce your company to new customers and opportunities has become a specialty of ours. Our goal is to help you and your business succeed, which is one reason that we look forward to helping you get your name our there. Advertising in your community newspaper, keeping you close to home simply works.